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For Healthcare Professionals

Watkins-Conti introduces Yōni.Fit, an innovative and comfortable vaginal insert that stops leaks and does not need to be removed to voluntarily urinate.

Tailored to Patients: Ideal for women seeking to delay surgery due to fertility, health, financial, or scheduling concerns. Yōni.Fit is a non-surgical option that can be considered.

Value-Based Care: Optimize value-based care with Yōni.Fit’s trial and referral approach. Begin with Yōni.Fit, progressing to other interventions if needed, ensuring effective, individualized care.

Postpartum Care: For women with modifiable risk factors, Yōni.Fit offers a supportive option during postpartum. Overcome logistical delays with Yōni.Fit, enhancing patient satisfaction.

Telehealth for Convenience and Access: Yōni.Fit extends telehealth services for FM, OBGYN, and Urogyn consultations. Patients benefit from specialized care without geographical constraints.

Yoni.Fit displayed from side and bottom

100% medical grade silicone soft vaginal insert for instant relief.

Yōni.Fit stops leaks, without interfering with voluntary urination.